Not a complete list of all the commodities we have moved and industries we have served over time, but presents the broad range of expertise we have developed.

Freight forwarding service for agribusinesses


fertilizer, gardening tools, farm items

Freight Forwarding Service for Education

Education and Non-profit

school supplies, chairs, books

Freight forwarding medicine, pharmaceutical supplies and hospital equipments

Health care

medicines, hospital beds and housekeeping items

Shipping automotive parts.png


car accessories and parts, engines

Food products shipping and delivery in bulk.png


food products, kitchen supplies, kitchen equipments

Shipping, Trucking manufactured products.


appliances, tires, rubber products, ceramic products, plastic products

Bulk shipping and trucking construction materials


stone materials, fixtures, building materials

Logistics Service for freight forwarders

Freight Forwarders

Yes, we ship and haul their customer's goods on their behalf.

Delivery and shipping for housewares, consumer products.png


housewares, consumer goods, clothing

Freight Forwarding Expertise
to Various Industries